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Comprehensive Medical Services

At Concierge Medical Services, they prioritize your health and convenience by offering a wide range of medical services tailored to your needs. Whether you require urgent or non-urgent consultations, treatment on the spot with various medications, or prescription refills, their expert team, led by Dr. Javier Torres Marín is here to provide exceptional care.

Medical Solutions Offered

Services include:

  • 24/7 Urgent and Non-Urgent Medical Consultations
  • Treatment On the Spot with Oral, Intramuscular, or Intravenous Medications
  • Minor Surgical Procedures
  • Bedside labs, including Influenza, Strep, and COVID-19 Rapid Tests
  • Prescription Refills
  • Medical Certificates
  • Insurance Medicals and Fitness-To-Fly
  • IV Therapy
  • Doctor House Calls
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Clinic Features

Their virtual clinic has the following features:

  • 2–way HD video
  • HIPAA Compliant and Secure
  • Send Prescriptions Electronically
  • Waiting Time is usually about 15 minutes or less
  • Connect From Anywhere, Anytime
  • Medical Billing
  • Automated Patient Engagement
  • Electronic Records saved for Follow-Up Management and Treatment
  • Summary of Visits available after tele-med visit for Reimbursement from your health insurance

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